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Coolson’s is BAFTA Scotland’s Best Game of 2013!

Us with our BAFTA award

Photo courtesy of BAFTA/Andy Buchanan

We wrote previously that we were nominated for a Scottish BAFTA for our game, Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet. Well, we won - Coolson’s is now BAFTA Scotland's best game of 2013! We couldn't be more delighted.

The awards night itself was great. The whole industry was represented, technicians, planners, management, celebrities and all the rest (yes, we did get to meet David Tennant, and unashamedly posed for a photo!). I think it's safe to say that games have only in recent years started to be seen as 'legitimate' arts (and I am sure there are many who'd still question that), but we really were made to feel completely welcome at the event. As Em said in her speech on the night, below, it really does feel like BAFTA is embracing games as one of the creative arts.

This is our first game!

Thank you so much to BAFTA for this award, it's a great honour - and it's an honour to be nominated in such illustrious company. More importantly, thank you to BAFTA Scotland and to Creative Scotland for embracing games as one of the creative arts; it's really making Scotland into a brilliant place to make games, from big companies making international blockbusters to two nerds in their spare room.

We've put a press release with more details on the Coolson's site if you'd like to know more.

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