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End of an Era

Well, It's been quite a run.

Eucalyptus Removed From Sale

An app written for iOS 2 (before text selection was a thing!), I think Eucalyptus has stood the test of time. On an iPhone 5s, it still feels at home - the old-style interface gives away its age though.

I'm working full-time for Apple now, and am unable to give Eucalyptus the love it needs to keep it alive.

It's been a rollercoaster - the slog, then the despair, then the elation. The reviews and the awards. Those huge boxes of notebooks! The licensing deals (Hitchhikers Guide!), and the commercialisation of the library (and, not to be unclear, Blio is still available, and still under development). And all the other things.

If you've only recently bought Eucalyptus, or if you bought it an age ago and are still using it, don't despair: Eucalyptus still works great on iOS 8, and it will run nicely on your shiny new iPhone 6 - just pinch to make the text a bit smaller. I'll keep the servers going until I can't.

Thanks to everyone who helped along the way. Thanks to Project Gutenberg for making ebooks real (that classic book you're reading in another app was probably typed by a Project Gutenberg volunteer, whether the publishers acknowledge it - and pay their 20% - or not). Thanks to my wife - girlfriend back then - who put up with me taking a year off to chase a crazy dream, and never seemed doubtful. Thanks to all those who bought Eucalyptus, and thanks especially to those who loved it.

Keep in touch. I'm @th_in_gs on Twitter, and blog at www.blog.montgomerie.net.

Coolson's is, of course, very much still alive. Emily is still looking after it, and you can find her at One For Each Hand.

I still love Eucalyptus. That little app might be the thing I'm proudest to have made, and it might always be so (though I'll do my best to make it not). But all things end.

-- Jamie.

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