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Eucalyptus 1.3.2

Reading recent posts here, you might be forgiven for thinking that Eucalyptus had been forgotten. Not so!

Eucalyptus 1.3.2 was released on the App Store today. It's a small update that addresses problems reported by some readers having trouble downloading specific books, as well as some small visual glitches on iOS 5.

As always, feedback using the in-app feedback button (on the bottom-left when you're reading a book), by email to eucalyptus@th.ingsmadeoutofotherthin.gs, by Twitter to @eucalyptusapp, or, indeed, by commenting below is welcome.

You might also have noticed new Reader Picks appearing in the app. Remember, if you have any suggestions for Reader Picks, those are always welcome. Short reviews of around 55 words (as you see on the cards in the app) to picks@eucalyptusapp.com, or via the in-app feedback button. We'll send you one of these cool notebooks if your Pick is featured.

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