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Eucalyptus in Wired's favorites of 2009

Hot on the heels of Macworld's accolades, Eucalyptus is also the only book app to be included in Wired's Twenty Favorite iPhone Apps of 2009, and one of only five apps in their "hobbies" catogory! Although we created Eucalyptus to provide a great reading experience, not to win recognition or awards, it's nevertheless very gratifying to be recognized by the 'big names'.

As with Macworld's choices, Eucalyptus is in great company in Wired's list - the other apps there are all well worth checking out if you haven't already (although your productivity may suffer after you try out Flight Control...)

If you're thinking of buying Eucalyptus, or are looking for an app to recommend to a friend or relative with a new iPhone or iPod Touch, remember that it's on sale at almost half price until 2010.

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