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Eucalyptus Is Now Available!

Happily, after some confusion, Eucalyptus, our new iPhone book reading application, is now available to buy on the iPhone App Store!

You can see videos of Eucaluptus at eucalyptusapp.com

Available on the iPhone App Store.

If you'd like to read one, there's a press release announcing Eucalyptus' availability, and a media kit with images.

For future news, stay tuned to this blog, and follow eucalyptusapp on Twitter.

  • Looks great, and many congratulations on getting your difficulties sorted out.

    Are there any plans for being able to load your own materials from your computer (such as college notes, dissertations etc.)?

  • Cheers. Those previous mindless rejections brought to mind the "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here!" line.

  • @Maoltuile No plans as yet. The text layout routines are highly tuned to the types of text in Project Gutenberg books. We don't want to have an arbitrary importation feature unless we can present imported texts equally as well as the ones available now - and that'll take a lot of work, which we haven't done.

  • Jamie. Glad to see Eucalyptus is out. It looks great. Loading in a number of books (that I had been reading on Stanza) went smoothly and the formating of the texts looks very good. Now to do some reading....

    Do you have any plans to add a bookmark feature?

    By the way, do you really want to have the comma in your tag line, "The library, to go?"

  • A beautiful app, which is a delight to use. However, it would be nice if looking through the 'bookshelf' was as graphically interesting as other parts of the app. I would like to be able to see book spines, which could be tapped and dragged into whatever order I chose (for example). Still, no rush. It's already great - it finally convinced my wife that Reading books on an iPhone could be a pleasurable experience!

  • Great app, fair price. Congratulations..

    Could we possibly see current books made available (for a price), or is the reader deliberately constrained to only books that are in the public domain?

  • Hats Off! A Great App! Sleek design, and smart function. Thanks! A quick question: Do you have any plans to add the ability to highlight and/or underline text in different colors? Add notes? These would make Eucalyptus THE ebook App. Just a suggestion..... Live long, and prosper!

    Best always, VBB

  • I'm glad Apple finally came to it's senses. I bought the app as soon I read on Daringfireball that it had been released.

    How about a quick guide to the PG text format style for our own text to import? I forone would be willing to massage the text in order to import.

  • Two thing not addressed in the video: (1) is it possible to create links (between selected paragraphs, say) within the same book/ across books; and (2) is it possible to annotate the content, and what happens to it (and possible links) when the book is replaced by another one?

  • Beautiful app! I'm excited to try it. I have never even considered buying an e-book app before, but this one takes the cake and more. Looking forward to reading with it!

  • I totally agree with Maoltuile.

    Eucaplytus is by far the best ebook reader on iPhone for my money, but I would really really like the ability to read other materials on it. Some tool to assist in the appropriate conversion ideally would be nice, but I would be willing to do the legwork myself - it's that worth it to me.

    I don't think any user adventurous to add content would have you take responsibility for how it appears...I personally believe it's just the natural evolution of this great app. Anyways, thanks for your hard work.

  • Apologies for not replying to everyone in person - we've taken a lot of the questions we've been asked today and rolled them into a new Eucalyptus FAQ.

  • I love Eucalyptus! I have been reading Gutenberg texts on a variety of apps - even dedicated book readers like the Sony Reader - and none gives them to me in such an accessible format! Not having to go thru the multiple pages of GutenSmallPrint every time is fantastic, and I love the page-turn effect. The fonts are easy on the eyes, and the app is, for the most part, easy to use. Do you plan to add the ability to return to one's search results - to step backward thru the search process after looking at one of the results? (It could be there already and I am just missing it.) It has also crashed on me a few times, but it may very well be due to memory constraints.... Not sure. Even so, however, I have now found my favorite app. Thank you all so much!!!

  • Looks good, but it's too expensive. Drop the price, and more people will buy it.

  • In Stanza Desktop, "using the Print dialog, you can save a document as a file in PostScript format. Your document is saved as a PostScript Level 2 file in ASCII format."

    So it would be rather simple for anyone to convert a nonDRMed document to that filetype for uploading to Eucalyptus.

  • @JustKristin: If you hit 'search' on the keyboard, rather than tapping on one of the suggestions above it, you will get a list of many books and authors rather than just one book or author.

    Also, if you really want to get back to the suggestion list, you can tap in the search field, delete the last character with the keyboard, then enter it again. I modelled this behaviour on the iTunes store app - in retrospect, I guess it would actually have been good just to show the suggestion list when you tapped in the search field in all cases.

    @harmon (and others) Eucalyptus' lack of support for import and other text formats is talked about a bit in the Eucalyptus FAQ

  • @Lauren - The price is on the high end, but not too high when you consider a) the quality of the app, and b) the fact that 20% of the gross profit is going to support Gutenberg. I look at it as paying $10 for thousands of books that I can carry with me wherever I go!

    @things - Thanks for the info about hitting "Search" instead of making a choice right away. That helps a lot. As far as getting back to the suggestion list: if you got where you ended up by clicking one of the suggestions in the list, you cannot simply remove one letter, as your search terms have changed from the original to the full title of the chosen item... But, really, small beans. I was piqued by the lack of backward motion with iTunes as well, but not so much to make me stop using it. More importantly, while iTunes gives me music, Eucalyptus gives me books! How can I fault it!

    Thank you again for your replies. I look forward to future developments, both in Eucalyptus.app, as well as in new things you'll make out of other things. :)

  • Say, I just thought of something... If I wanted to make a page on my blog with links to books I love, is there a way to have an iPhone with Eucalyptus auto-open that book's info page in the same way that songs or albums can be made to open in itunes? I would love to do that....

  • @JustKristin No to the links question - but that's a great idea. In the meantime, you could link to the book pages on www.gutenberg.org, although that's not really the same thing.

  • Are there any plans to have Eucalyptus support the Project Gutenberg Australia website? Their .txt files are Gutenberg-formatted and would presumably work fine with the existing Eucalyptus interface.

  • Do you have any plans to enhance the algorythmus for other languages, like german? (Sorry for my bad English)

  • Great app. I work in print book production so I appreciate the professional type and layout. One small thing: a night mode would be extremely useful. Makes reading in bed with a sleeping partner much more practical. Thanks!

  • This application is awesome to use. Congratulations. Better than Kindle, so how about making some money from it by working with publishers to distribute copyrighted books?

  • Just want to say that I am enjoying this application a lot so far :=) To the people who say that $10 is too much.. Seriously? Part of it goes to PG, the remainder is about what a grande mocha latte costs at Starbucks. Higher cost to me means that development will continue.

    What I would like to see added is the ability to add custom user collections like Stanza. I can appreciate that you are developing for the PG format which is cool, it just tells me that I woulld have to convert a book I want to add to PG format. That is not that much of a stretch.

    Lastly, I'd really, like to see a night mode. The only way I can read in bed and not be murdered by my wife is if I can use a night mode, and even then its iffy. LOL. Thanks!

  • Fantastic app! Thanks!

    Like Josch, I'd like to have an option to search books in other languages too. There's lots of Finnish books already in the Gutenberg database: http://www.gutenberg.org/browse/languages/fi

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