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Eucalyptus brings a high quality, book-like reading experience to the iPhone

Edinburgh, Scotland, May 24th 2009.

Things Made Out Of Other Things today announced the release of Eucalyptus, a ground-breaking new application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Eucalyptus gives easy access to over 20,000 classic English-language books of all kinds, and presents them in a beautiful, natural feeling, easy-to-use, book-like interface. Videos of Eucalyptus in action can be seen on the web at http://eucalyptusapp.com/.

Unlike other reading applications on mobile devices, Eucalyptus features high quality typesetting routines on a par with those used in the traditional publishing industry. Combined with a simple interface, intuitive page-turning, and the industry-leading screen of the iPhone, the reading experience is second to none. Free from the distractions of the hardware, Eucalyptus makes it easy to lose yourself in the story.

As well as allowing simple search by author and title of the 20,000-strong catalog, Eucalyptus also features an ever-changing bookshelf of hand-picked recommendations, from well-known classics to undiscovered gems. A few taps and the books are downloaded to your iPhone, where they listed in a familiar iPod-like library interface.

Over a year in development, Eucalyptus is an example of an upcoming breed of quality iPhone applications. "In the iPhone app market, there was an early 'gold rush' of hastily put together apps," said James Montgomerie, developer of Eucalyptus. "There's now an emerging market for high quality applications that are a pleasure to use. Eucalyptus is not something people will buy and forget; it's something they'll love using every day." This doesn't mean that Eucalyptus is expensive though; it will sell for $9.99 - less than the price of a single paperback.

With the Amazon's recent release of their Kindle app, and purchase of Lexcycle, the developers of the current leading iPhone book reading application Stanza, the iPhone reading market is heating up. The developer of Eucalyptus doesn't feel that it's at a disadvantage, though. "The competitors simply don't produce anything as easy and pleasant to use as Eucalyptus," said James Montgomerie, "Apple's iPhone App Store, with its worldwide reach, gives a level playing field that means people can choose what they buy based on quality, and I'm confident they'll chose Eucalyptus".

Eucalyptus downloads its books from the online archives of Project Gutenberg, which has been encouraging the creation and distribution of eBooks since 1971. In accordance with the Project Gutenberg License, 20% of Things Made Out Of Other Things' gross profits from Eucalyptus are paid as a royalty to the nonprofit Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation. Things Made Out Of Other Things is otherwise completely unaffiliated with Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg is on the web at http://www.gutenberg.org/.

Eucalyptus is available now for the iPhone and iPod Touch. See the links at http://eucalyptusapp.com/, or find it on the iPhone App Store.

About Things Made Out Of Other Things:

Located in Edinburgh, Scotland, Things Made Out Of Other Things is the business face of independent software developer James Montgomerie. James lived in California and worked for Apple for over six years before starting Things Made Out Of Other Things. Eucalyptus is Things Made Out Of Other Things' first project.


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