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Eucalyptus Looks Great on iPhone 4

Just in time for the July 4th weekend, Eucalyptus 1.3 is out! This is not a major feature update (hence the only-0.1 version number bump), but it does provide full support for iOS 4 features, and iPhone 4. We're excited about it - and delighted to be using it!

On all devices running the iOS 4 update that are also capable of multitasking Eucalyptus will stay 'alive' in the background, allowing you to get back to your book from other apps even faster (and we thought we were fast before!) It will also download books in the background, so you can start downloading a big book then continue to use your phone for other things while you wait.

It's on the iPhone 4 that Eucalyptus really shines though. Its new Retina Display was just made for reading, and the fonts used by Eucalyptus, which we're sure you'll agree looked absolutely great on previous iPhones, look even better on the Retina Display. The book text fonts are modelled after 19th century book type, and on the iPhone 4 you can really see every curve, every nuance. Apart from the fact that it's sitting in your hand glowing, we'd say that it's impossible to tell it's not a printed page; the type is just that smooth looking. Combine that with Eucalyptus' unique page simulation, which is also improved by the pin-sharpness of the new display, and it's now even easier to forget that you're not reading on paper.

If you're not convinced, here are some screenshots. Of course, you can't really appreciate the Retina Display until you've seen it, but perhaps the sheer size of these (they're straight from an iPhone 4, and don't even fit on my laptop screen at full resolution) will give some idea of the amazing density of the dots on the new iPhone screen. Note that if they don't look sharp for you, it's probably because your web browser is scaling them down to fit on your display, crazy as that sounds - these things are 960 pixels tall! Make your web browser as big as you can before clicking - and be patient if you're on a slow connection!

Page from Around the World in 80 Days on the iPhone 4 Look at the detail on the letterforms!

Page Turn on the iPhone 4 Page turning looks even better in high resolution.

A Reader Pick card on the iPhone 4 The Reader Picks look stunning, like they've been jotted with a real pen.

Authors table on the iPhone 4 Even the Library table views look stunning.

Page from Triplanetary on the iPhone 4 That beautiful text again. Imagine it this rich, but on your iPhone's screen.

Of course, there's lots more to it than that. Everything in the app has been updated and looks even better than before. We urge you to give it a try!

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  • Beatiful app, been my first ebook app since I bought the iPhone. How about making it universal and available for the iPad as well? That would be an even more fitting platform to comfortably read on. Keep up the good work.

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