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Other Things is the blog of Things Made Out Of Other Things, makers of Eucalyptus – the library, to go – for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Eucalyptus on Sale for Thanksgiving!

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Travelling for Thanksgiving? Eucalyptus makes the ideal companion! That's why we're offering it over the holiday for almost half off the usual $9.99 price.

Why not take advantage of the offer to get what many say is the iPhone's most readable app? For less than the price of one traditional book, you can load up on free classic books from a library of over 20,000, and have a relaxing flight.


Eucalyptus 1.3.1

Apple has now approved the Eucalyptus 1.3.1 update. This should fix the problems that some users with iPhone 3G and iPod Touch devices running iOS 4 have been experiencing.

Of course, Eucalyptus still looks great on the iPhone 4.

Problems on iPhone 3G and iPod Touch with iOS 4

We've found a bug that's affecting some users with iPhone 3G and iPod Touch devices that have been upgraded to iOS 4 and Eucalyptus 1.3. For affected users, Eucalyptus will crash shortly after launch. We have submitted Eucalyptus 1.3.1 to Apple to fix the problem.

If you're affected, updating to version 1.3.1 when it becomes available will fix the problem, and your library will remain intact.

Many apologies to anyone affected by the bug - we know how frustrating it is! Many thanks also to the few users who emailed us to report the problem - we couldn't have tracked …

Eucalyptus Looks Great on iPhone 4

Just in time for the July 4th weekend, Eucalyptus 1.3 is out! This is not a major feature update (hence the only-0.1 version number bump), but it does provide full support for iOS 4 features, and iPhone 4. We're excited about it - and delighted to be using it!

On all devices running the iOS 4 update that are also capable of multitasking Eucalyptus will stay 'alive' in the background, allowing you to get back to your book from other apps even faster (and we thought we were fast before!) It will also download books in the background, so you …

Eucalyptus Available Again

The short story is that Eucalyptus is back on sale, and you'll be pleased to hear that it's almost exactly the same as it was. You can get it from the App Store here. It now blocks, in some regions, the download of a small number of books - six in total at this time - that we've been notified are not freely distributable in those regions. For the vast majority of users, there are no noticeable changes in behaviour. If you'd like to hear more background on the saga we've been through in the last few weeks from Jamie,…