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Other Things is the blog of Things Made Out Of Other Things, makers of Eucalyptus – the library, to go – for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Eucalyptus Is On Sale!

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Happy Holidays! To celebrate the season, Eucalyptus will be on sale at almost half price for the rest of 2009. Yes, until 2010, you can get what Macworld Magazine says is the best book app on the iPhone for only $5.99 (that's €4.99, £3.49, or your local App Store equivalent), down from the usual price of $9.99 (€7.99, £5.99).


Whether you've had your iPhone clutched in your hand since July 2007, you're just getting an iPhone or an iPod Touch in your stocking this year, or you're looking for an iPhoney or literary Christmas gift, it's the perfect time…

Megastars and Ghouls

We're very pleased that the first apps built On Eucalyptus to be available worldwide are out now! Megastar Mysteries and Too Ghoul For School are book series by children's book publishers Egmont. Aimed at kids aged 7-12, they're both mystery series. Megastar Mysteries follows Rosie Parker and friends as they unintentionally stumble upon mysteries to solve, all somehow involving their favorite celebrities. Too Ghoul For School follows of a group of pupils at St. Sebastian's School, built on the boggy remains of a medieval plague pit, and their yucky, gunky adventures against ghoulish adversaries. All the books have a distinctly…

Eucalyptus Named Best Book App

Acrylic App Gems Award

Macworld Magazine has awarded Eucalyptus their 2009 App Gems Award for Best Book App on the iPhone and iPod Touch, saying that "The app is proof of how pleasurable reading a book on a small, handheld device can be." You can read the full awards article and see the list of other recipients here (and we're in great company - it's well worth checking out the other winners if you haven't already).

We're so pleased to receive this award. Macworld has understood exactly what drives the design and creation of Eucalyptus, and it's really gratifying to see it being so…

Peter James

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Some great news! The second(ish) iPhone app (after the first Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy apps) embedding the reader from Eucalyptus is now out worldwide, with the exception of the USA.

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Eucalyptus v1.2.1

Eucalyptus v1.2.1 is now available via the App Store. As the tacked-on '.1' suggests, it's just a few bug fixes and small enhancements - but we still heartiy recommend updating. Things you might notice are:

  • A fix for an occasional (but very annoying when it did happen - sorry!) crash when using "Send Feedback". This is the feature that's accessible via the Eucalyptus leaf icon in the bottom left of book view. You can now send feedback (or Reader Pick suggestions) via here without fear of it not getting through.
  • More reliable fast saving and restore of the image…