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Sharp eyed readers will have noticed the first "Reader Pick" appearing in Eucalyptus' "Picks" view alongside the Staff Picks this week. We're hoping to have many more of these in the future. With just the two staff pickers, there's probably some unintended bias in the Staff Picks so far, just because of personal preference. With the new Reader Picks filling out the selection, you'll hopefully get a more rounded, diverse assortment.

Who writes the Reader Picks? You do! If you have a favorite book, we'd love to hear it! We're looking for both the well-loved and the eclectic, so if you've got an old favorite, or you found something you'd never heard of before but are glad to have read, why not write a review and send it to us? You can see the sort of conversational style we're after by reading the current Picks in the Eucalyptus app. Around 55 words fit on a card, so try to keep it to about that length. Send your Pick to picks@eucalyptusapp.com - use the title of the book as the subject of the email.

As if seeing your name in Eucalyptus-Pick-card-on-an-iPhone-screen-shaped lights is not enough recompense, we'll be sending one of these cool new Eucalyptus paperback-style notebooks as a thank-you to the submitter of every Reader Pick that we publish in Eucalyptus - the proof copies just arrived, and we think they're pretty neat! (Don't worry about including your address, we'll email you to get details if we're going to use your Pick).

Outside of the Eucalyptus notebookInside of the Eucalyptus notebook

The small print: It's obvious, but make sure you include the title and author of the book you're recommending. We'll usually credit first name only - if you'd rather be credited some other way (first name with initial, nickname - whatever), be sure to mention that. We won't re-publish your email address, or use it for any purpose other than communicating with you about the Pick.

Finally, just to be clear about this, by submitting a Pick, you're giving Things Made Out Of Other Things rights to edit it for any reason, and to re-publish the text of the Pick worldwide, in any form, royalty-free. You also understand that Things Made Out Of Other Things may freely sub-license these rights. We do not guarantee to use any of the Picks submitted.

  • Someone (Joe? Josh?) left a comment here asking when new picks appear, because they haven't seen any in a while. Sorry, I deleted the comment instead of approving it for publication accidentally, but I'll answer here.

    I try to post two new picks every week or two (I don't have a staff doing this or anything, so the frequency depends on when there's time to put together two of high quality - although hopefully Reader Picks will make this easier).

    If you haven't seen any in a long time, it might be because you're not using Eucalyptus regularly. The picks are updated in the background, while you're doing other things (in retrospect this might not have been the smartest design, but it's how it works).

    Just spend 10 minutes reading, then if you've already looked at the Picks shelves since you started up Eucalyptus exit it and relaunch, and your should see any newly updated picks.

    "A Study in Scarlet" and "Gulliver's Travels" are still the latest picks - new ones should be coming your way in the next few days!

    Thanks to everyone who's sent reader picks - we're by no means have a mountain of them though, so they're still much appreciated! Why not take ten minutes, write one for your favorite book, and send it to picks@eucalyptusapp.com?

  • Dr Richard Johnston @ March 2nd 2012 – 9:30am

    "Set in Silver" {1909} by Alice M. and C.M. Williamson is one of a number of beautifully turned Edwardian "touring" novels written by this Husband and Wife team. Enormously popular in their day and made into silent films these delightful romantic comedies are nearly forgotten. Step into an older world filled with some very interesting characters.

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