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Other Things is the blog of Things Made Out Of Other Things, makers of Eucalyptus – the library, to go – for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Eucalyptus Available Again

The short story is that Eucalyptus is back on sale, and you'll be pleased to hear that it's almost exactly the same as it was. You can get it from the App Store here. It now blocks, in some regions, the download of a small number of books - six in total at this time - that we've been notified are not freely distributable in those regions. For the vast majority of users, there are no noticeable changes in behaviour. If you'd like to hear more background on the saga we've been through in the last few weeks from Jamie,…

Temporary Unavailability

Eucalyptus has currently been withdrawn from sale on the App Store by Apple. A more explanatory blog post will accompany its return - we're hard at work on the problem right now.

Just to avoid speculation, the situation is in no way connected to the problems we originally had when submitting Eucalyptus to Apple, and we're certain it will quickly be resolved. Don't worry, Eucalyptus will be back soon!

Thanks for your patience.

Update: If you would like to be notified when Eucalyptus is available again, just send an email to eucalyptus@th.ingsmadeoutofotherthin.gs and we'll let you know as soon as …

Indie Relief Over

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Well, it's just gone midnight PST, so that's our participation in Indie Relief over. A big thank-you to everyone who bought <a href="http://www.indierelief.com>Eucalyptus

, or any of the other great software on offer.

Thanks too to all the developers who took part. Special thanks to to Justin Williams of Second Gear Software and Garrett Murray for organising the whole thing.

We don't yet know how much Eucalyptus raised - sales reports from Apple don't come in until the middle of the next day - and we don't plan to talk specifically about it (we don't generally release sales figures), but we…

Indie Relief: Help Haiti, get great software.

ir_250.png We're very pleased to announce that Things Made Out Of Other Things is supporting Indie Relief, by donating all our proceeds from sales of Eucalyptus today (January 20th) to Oxfam, in support of their ongoing relief efforts in Haiti.

What is Indie Relief? A huge number of independent Mac and iPhone developers have banded together to donate an entire day's proceeds from sales of their apps to charities supporting relief efforts in Haiti. It's a great idea, and it's really heartwarming to see the massive number of companies and individuals taking part. Alongside Eucalyptus, almost 150 other Mac…

iPod & iPhone User Chooses Eucalyptus

If you're in the UK, you might have noticed issue 43 of iPod and iPhone User magazine sitting on the shelves of your local newsagent. We're thrilled that in its 100 Hottest Apps countdown, Eucalyptus is chosen as Best eReader, with a comment that it "bucks the trend, offering beautiful typesetting and a page-turn action that feels tactile and natural."

Coming hot on the heels of Wired and Macworld's choices, we couldn't be more delighted!