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Other Things is the blog of Things Made Out Of Other Things, makers of Eucalyptus – the library, to go – for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

A Blio Update

A new update of K-NFB's Blio for iOS [app store link], which uses our libEucalyptus, was released today. If you're not aware of Blio, I wrote a bit about it when the iOS app first came out a few months ago. There are lots of great little additions in the update - both utilizing updates by us in libEucalyptus, and otherwise in the app itself. I'm really enjoying reading with it on my iPad.

Blio in 2-Up Flow View

The major changes are of course all listed in the "What's New" section in the App Store, but I thought I'd take a little …

Introducing Blio, with Eucalyptus Inside

Recently I (Jamie) - through Things Made Out Of Other Things - have been working very closely with the folks at K-NFB Reading Technology on bringing their ebook reading platform, Blio, to iOS. I'm delighted to be able to say that the Blio app is now available, for free, in the App Store. It runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (iOS 3.2 or above), and I think it's great. Blio library view on iPad 2 and iPhone 4 The reading interface is based on a greatly enhanced version of Eucalyptus' book display 'engine' I call libEucalyptus. I'm really excited that it's now available. Just like …

Megastars and Ghouls

We're very pleased that the first apps built On Eucalyptus to be available worldwide are out now! Megastar Mysteries and Too Ghoul For School are book series by children's book publishers Egmont. Aimed at kids aged 7-12, they're both mystery series. Megastar Mysteries follows Rosie Parker and friends as they unintentionally stumble upon mysteries to solve, all somehow involving their favorite celebrities. Too Ghoul For School follows of a group of pupils at St. Sebastian's School, built on the boggy remains of a medieval plague pit, and their yucky, gunky adventures against ghoulish adversaries. All the books have a distinctly…

Peter James

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Some great news! The second(ish) iPhone app (after the first Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy apps) embedding the reader from Eucalyptus is now out worldwide, with the exception of the USA.

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Don't Panic…

Some very exciting news! In conjunction with the publishers Pan Macmillan and Missing Ink Studios, the first book apps embedding the reader from Eucalyptus are now on sale! They're available worldwide, except in the USA and Canada.

If you're a fan - and probably even if you're not - you'll have worked out from this blog post's title what books I'm talking about: all the books in Douglas Adams' seminal Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy trilogy, reissued to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first book's publication.

There are five apps available - one for each book in the trilogy…