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Other Things is the blog of Things Made Out Of Other Things, makers of Eucalyptus – the library, to go – for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Eucalyptus Looks Great on iPhone 4

Just in time for the July 4th weekend, Eucalyptus 1.3 is out! This is not a major feature update (hence the only-0.1 version number bump), but it does provide full support for iOS 4 features, and iPhone 4. We're excited about it - and delighted to be using it!

On all devices running the iOS 4 update that are also capable of multitasking Eucalyptus will stay 'alive' in the background, allowing you to get back to your book from other apps even faster (and we thought we were fast before!) It will also download books in the background, so you …

Eucalyptus v1.2.1

Eucalyptus v1.2.1 is now available via the App Store. As the tacked-on '.1' suggests, it's just a few bug fixes and small enhancements - but we still heartiy recommend updating. Things you might notice are:

  • A fix for an occasional (but very annoying when it did happen - sorry!) crash when using "Send Feedback". This is the feature that's accessible via the Eucalyptus leaf icon in the bottom left of book view. You can now send feedback (or Reader Pick suggestions) via here without fear of it not getting through.
  • More reliable fast saving and restore of the image…